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Jocelyn White and Buddy Coronado had a dream in 2001: To create a local Home & Garden show that celebrates the Homes, Gardens, Landscapes and Lifestyles of Texas. “Designing Texas” was the syndicated result, followed in short order by “Designing America,” which aired nationally for seven years on Mark Cuban’s HDNet. Numerous awards and accolades followed in their wake. With the economic volatility of the past few years, Jocelyn and Buddy decided to bring the show home to its roots and “Designing DFW” is the result. Working closely with Dallas-Fort Worth innovators in home design and decor, landscape and garden gurus and lifestyle leaders, the show has expanded. Throughout its various changes and incarnations, however, the Mission remains the same: Upscale Living with a Down-Home Heart!

Jocelyn White

Jocelyn White

Show Host

Jocelyn White is an award-winning television program creator, writer, producer and host. She, and programs she has been involved with, have scored Katie Awards, Matrix Awards and a Heartland Emmy, to name a few. Jocelyn’s work on shows she created like “Designing Texas”, “Designing America”, “Texas Country Nights”, “Jocelyn’s Weekend” and “HotOn!Homes” showcase her multiple talents and skills. Jocelyn has been a formidable force on the Dallas-Fort Worth and Texas television and radio scene since arriving in DFW from Little Rock, Arkansas, to be the first bonafide weather woman in 1980. Since creating her own production company in the early 1990’s, Jocelyn has continued to break new ground. Jocelyn was among the first to recognize the strong country music trend of the early 1990’s with her first syndicated series “Texas Country Nights.” Jocelyn then created the long-running “HotOn! Homes” for Crozier-Henderson Productions. She followed that with the enormously popular upscale home, garden, and lifestyle series “Designing Texas”, syndicated in the state’s major markets. Her production company was among the first in Texas to use High Definition video. This was for her national home and garden show “Designing America” on Mark Cuban’s HDNet. That program remains one of HDNet’s most-requested shows. With the economic downturn of 2009, Jocelyn and her partner Buddy Coronado decided to focus on their core business in Dallas and Fort Worth, giving rise to their current program “Designing Texas.” Because of her belief in giving back to the community that has been so good to her, Jocelyn serves on the Boards of several non-profits including SPCA of Texas where she is Capital Campaign Chair, Equest where she is the 2012 Triple Crown Gala Chair and, finally, The Women’s Council of The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden where she serves as Chair of The Writer’s Garden series.

Buddy Coronado

Buddy Coronado

Director of Photography

Buddy Coronado is an award winning videographer and editor and has been since 1984. His work on programs like Designing America, Designing Texas, Designing DFW, Hot On Homes and Top Docs of DFW have made him a sought-after Director of Photography and editor. Some of Mr. Coronado clients include Major League Baseball, The NFL Network, Brinker International, C-SPAN, In Motion Imagery, and countless local television networks just to name a few. Jocelyn and Buddy have been partners since 1998 and together have created countless televisions programs, commercials and corporate videos.

Gary Riggs

Gary Riggs

Gary Riggs Home

Gary Riggs has celebrated over two decades in the ambitious world of interior design. He has been featured in several regional and national design publications and heralded as “a leader in conceptual design,” and his renowned environments have been proclaimed “stunning” and “opulent”. His career began as an artist and he brings these intrinsic art principals to all of his interiors. He takes great care to consider color, line, texture and balance. To the delight of his discriminating clientele, Gary approaches every space as though it were a canvas awaiting the brushstrokes that will create magnificence. In creating a residence he urges his clients to embrace the elements that are important to them as individuals. A home of timeless beauty is a gift you give yourself every day.

Kathy Fielder

Kathy Fielder

The Fielder Report

Kathy’s passion for beautiful design, quality, and fashion is evident throughout her illustrious career as a designer, creator and manufacturer; and is projected across all aspects of her life. Driven by her desire to create lasting, beautiful designs to be enjoyed by generations to come, Kathy started her first design firm, Studio Interiors, in 1998. Studio Interiors was the launching pad to a successful career in designing numerous show homes and winning countless awards for her innovative and creative ideas. This initial taste of success left Kathy hungering for more. With the subsequent launch of her first retail workshop, French Laundry Maison Couture, the Kathy Fielder name was established as a premier designer in the highly competitive world of interior design.

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